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The MadHeroes Collection has 2000 unique NFTs, each with different skills, weapons and characteristics. These Heroes belong to different nations, some in conflict with each other and some in alliances. The first group of explorers (the presale buyers) have the priority of choosing what planet they start on (along with other bonuses). We are working on turning this project into a game, where the player’s engagement in the community will be rewarded.


In a distant corner of the universe, a colorful little planet is peacefully orbiting around a dying sun. But as quiet as the planet seems from afar, the nations that once thrived are still here and are facing a serious problem…limited resources. 

With a Sun that hasn’t been providing enough energy, and the increasing lack of reserves, the nations gathered all their strength and started to look for a new home. But this adventure sure won’t come without some difficult challenges.

Months after their departure, the journey through the vast and cold space was looking grim. But when all hope seemed lost the travelers saw something amazing. A series of planets made from what could be described as different elements like Fire, Earth, Water and Air and many more, sparked their curiosity. It was a beautiful planetary system and the traveling nations sure loved the idea of settling here. But once again, this wouldn’t go as smoothly as they were expecting.


Phase 1

Gathering the first brave people who will start discovering our universe through social media and discord and begin searching and collecting our heroes, to help the nations thrive. But be careful and move fast if you want to become one of the brave heroes because the number of explorers is limited.

Phase 2

It’s time to get exploring! This is the moment when the 2000 unique explorers make their first appearance. As crucial members of our community, you have the task of discovering and interacting with the planet’s resources. Be the first to get your hands on the piece of land you desire, thus becoming a proper settler.

Phase 3

Luckily, with the construction of a new Treasury, the settlers now have their own currency and can start using the new coins for building towns and cities. Plus, with the land you now own, you can start making a profit. You wish to help others with food ? Then build a farm! You believe the ground underneath is rich in precious materials ? You should build a mine. But manage your coins carefully because you will also need to buy a plethora of tools and items.

Phase 4

Working in such an environment can get lonely, and that’s why you can now join or even create your own clan/guild ! Also, the settlers are introduced to trading and fighting. So when you want to trade goods with other settlers, just visit the Market, surely someone will sell something of use to you. Unsurprisingly, so many explorers on such a small planet will eventually lead to conflict. Now you can craft weapons, armor and train for battle along with the people of your guild.

Phase 5

Feeling proud of their nations achievements, the most talented tailors started working on some fancy new clothing to represent their adventures until this point. Soon the rest of the universe will know who they are and where they come from. At this stage the community can get a chance to own a bunch of clothing items suited only for the adventurous.



Alathea / Explorers LEADER


Explorers LEADER

Known as a great citizen in the community, people saw her potential and, with the captain's approval, she became one of the new leaders of the space fleet.

Loane healer



Born to help the people around her, Loane uses her water-bending abilities for healing. Seen as the ultimate caretaker and a fighter when necessary, she is someone the travelers can rely on.




Being taught how to hunt from a young age, Nolene acquired incredible skills with the bow and arrow. With her sharp vision and patience she is now leader in the watchtower.




Ayuko is a novice sorceress with a passion for knives. Combining sharp weapons with magic surely would be of good use in case of any danger.




Nyssa has lived the life of a princess, but when the nations started to look for a new home, she wanted to prove that being from a royal family didn't mean she was going to stand by.

Deidra - FIGHTER



Deidra seems like an innocent young lady, but if you manage to anger her you will be met with some bright red eyes, flames and sharp diamonds.




Head of operation, Captain of the exploration space fleet and leader of settlers. Brave enough to decide to leave the initial planet, he is a visionary that will lead the settlers to a better life with the help of his council.


Chief Technician and expert builder, is helping the settlers get used to their new home and is constantly experimenting with technologies to improve the quality of life on the planet.


Chief Informant, responsible for effectively notifying the settlers of important news, also called “the voice of the council”. He speaks in the name of The Captain and gives instructions to the settlers.


The Legislator, writes and passes laws in conformity with the council’s wishes.


Main Advisor, organizing and helping The Captain with various tasks, consulting data and offering guidance whenever necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning an awesome art NFT is only the beginning. You can be a MadHero with unique perks and abilities in a Play-to-Earn game. We are offering great rewards just for being a fan in our community: NFT merch, community wallet, raffle prizes and many more.

WL sale start at 1PM BST on 26th of July 2022. Public sale date is 29th of July 2022 at 1PM BST / 8AM EST.

MadHeroes NFT Collection is on Ethereum blockchain.

By participating in our regular events and giveaways on our Discord server and following our twitter account. Our most active fans are rewarded with WL spots or free NFT.

Firstly you'll need a NFT crypto wallet and digital currency (ETH in our case since MadHeroes Collection is on ETH blockchain). Then click on the "Buy a MadHero" button located at the very top of this page. This will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take in order to complete your purchase.

* The button will be inactive until the pre-sale starts.

20 mints/wallet during WL sale and limitless transactions during public sale.

We reveal the minted NFTs 24h after the public sale. Meanwhile, you can check our Discord’s #sneek-peeks channel for our amazing art.

Following our community’s suggestions, we’ve decided to reduce our mint prices. The new prices are: $195 of ETH for WL pre-sale and $260 of ETH for public sale. They will be locked in ETH a few days before mint.

MadHeroes rarity rankings will be listed on website after the project's launch.

Join our Discord server to meet the team, ask your questions and check all project’s information.